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A quality control laboratory for craft businesses

Science isn’t easy, and can be pretty terrifying. While you know it is important to your business, collecting and processing the data can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive. Imbibe Solutions is here to change that.

As a local laboratory, turn-around time is fast so you can react to the data and keep your processes moving forward. With our on-site testing options, you can leave the sterile sampling to us and even get tests run straight from the tank.

We can help you create an affordable testing schedule so you can track the consistency and wellness of your products and facility over time. We’ll even compile the data for you.

Leave the tedious testing to us, so you can focus on making the best possible product.

On-Site Testing

Some tests are just better done on site.

We specialize in reducing oxygen pick-up post fermentation to promote a long shelf-life, but do more than just that!

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Brewery Consulting!

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