On-Site Testing

On-Site Testing

Some tests are just better done on-site, there is no way around it. And who could argue with immediate results? If we find something is off, you can fix it before progressing.

A few examples of tests we can help you with, include:

  • Minimizing dissolved oxygen pickup during packaging
  • Checking brite tank carbonation levels (think: verifying your equipment)
  • Ensuring minimal oxygen pickup post fermentation (did you have a clean purge?)
  • Verifying facility and system cleanliness using ATP fluorescence

With the number of craft breweries growing daily, you need to make sure you are producing the best product possible.

We have spent countless hours working on Wild Goose and Cask canning systems to optimize the shelf life of the beer produced. The ideal DO level for a can is at or below 100 ppb. The systems we’ve worked on started closer to 1200 ppb, but now they average 70 ppb!

One flagship IPA added another 60 days to its shelf life!

For a handful of breweries we also perform annual checks on their sanitation practices. We swab tanks, ports, gaskets, hoses, and more. We plate every beer currently in the brewery for microbial contamination. We even take air samples to see what is floating around the brewery that could cause issues.

It is better to fix a potential problem now than wait for that problem to inevitably occur.

Our on-site fee is $80/hr plus a travel fee that is dependent on your location. (Gas and car maintenance cost money, ya know?) Check out the Travel Fee Estimator below to get an idea of what that may be for your brewery.

Just to give you an idea, we average 2.5-3 hrs on site helping you adjust your systems and processes, and providing you with immediate data.

Shoot us an email at Contact@Imbibe-Solutions.com to start a discussion about how we may be able to help you improve your products!