About Us

About Us

What we do: Science!

We work with breweries, wineries, cideries, distilleries, and more as a local quality control laboratory. Laboratories are expensive and most small businesses often can’t afford the overhead costs, let alone the time to train on and run the equipment. We are here to supplement them with a contemporary laboratory and get them the data they need without the high price tag or unprofitable time loss.

Each business is able to receive a free consultation to discuss their facility’s needs and create a schedule for regular testing. Once we get a baseline set of data, we can track consistency throughout the production process and final products. Of course, a la carte testing is always available as well!

On-site testing options grant businesses a great amount of flexibility by leaving the sample collecting to us, doing testing straight off the canning line or tank, and getting instant results. No other lab can offer that!

Our consulting services are here to help producers get up-and-running, optimize their processes, and/or run diagnostics when s**t hits the fan. Whatever your facility needs, we are happy to help guide you!

Where we do it:

Our stationary laboratory is located near downtown Charlottesville, VA. The mobile lab mostly works within the surrounding regions and occasionally throughout the state, but certainly isn’t limited to the area. Our consulting services will take us on-site across the country and even up to Canada!

Why we do it:

We are passionate about the booming craft industry and the country’s interest in small-batch, well-made products. Seeing businesses evolve from the spark of an idea to tough, hands-on work to financial success is a great joy. We have a unique set of skills that are generally used by big corporations, but we wanted to use them in an environment that really meant something to us and our community.

Imbibe Solutions was built to be a helping hand for craftsmen (non-gender specific!) to get from the idea stage to the success stage. If there is anything that would improve our services and make your life more convenient, please let us know. You are the reason we exist.